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Around Bali

Dance For Life – Balinese dancer maestro

When we grow older, people associate old age with weakness and powerlessness. But if we think the opposite, being old can also mean steadfast and mature. Ni Ketut Cenik, a Balinese dancer maestro, proved that in her 89 years of age, she is still the best. Ketut Cenik was born in 1920 in the Batuan village of Gianyar. She learned …

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Bali Beach – Southern Coast

There is no shortage of beaches on the island of the gods. Here are top picks beach from Bali’s Southern Coast – their name might be a bit unfamiliar compared to other beach in bali, but you’ll find each beach alluring in its own way. BALANGAN BEACH Rocky cliffs flank this beautiful beach, and surfers and sun worshippers alike come …

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Fascinating Facts of Balinese Life

Balinese life is really amazing. it won’t say that it is an easy life per se, what with the countless ceremonies that Balinese have, and it would take a lifetime to tell you all about what the people do here in Bali. But to give you a glimpse into Balinese lives and the meaning behind some of our beliefs and …

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Balinese Wedding Tradition

Balinese Marriages

In addition to the funeral ceremony (ngaben), one of the interesting religious and customary activities of Hindu-Balinese to know is pawiwahan or wedding ceremony. The same like others customary, in Balinese society pawiwahan ceremony is a form of sacred and noble commitment because in essence it is a testament to the ceremony before the Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa and the …

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