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Bali Beach – Southern Coast


There is no shortage of beaches on the island of the gods. Here are top picks beach from Bali’s Southern Coast – their name might be a bit unfamiliar compared to other beach in bali, but you’ll find each beach alluring in its own way.


Rocky cliffs flank this beautiful beach, and surfers and sun worshippers alike come here for the clear blue water. The beach is quite popular with avid surfers for its waves, and as for those who are there just to catch the sun, the gorgeous stretch of light beige sand is lined with quaint and rustic huts offering fresh food and ice-cold drinks. The sand is perfect for building elaborate sandcastles and the water is great for swimming, especially when the tide is at medium height. You can also laze about on the sun loungers that can be rented (for as long as you like) for about Rp. 25,000 each. Some tips: If you decide to venture into the water, we recommend reef shoes because of the sharp rocks that are often covered with slippery green moss. Also, if you’re still a surfing newbie, you might want to hold off on surfing here.

How to get there:
Make your way up to the Bukit area via Jalan Uluwatu. Follow the road until the Nirmala Supermarket intersection then turn right onto Jalan Pantai Balangan. Follow the road until you see a surfboard-shaped sign that says “Balangan Beach.” Follow the winding road until you see an open space where cars are parked. You’ll need to pay about Rp. 4,000/car to park there.


Located along the coast from Ayana’s Rock Bar, this well-hidden beach would be the best spot for that uber-laidback sunset session. Going to this beach, head towards Ayana Resorts but turn right to the small and winding road just before the entrance to the resort. You won’t be able to miss the turning, as it is the only turning there. Tegalwangi is the smallest of the four and the rockiest one as well. However it has such a stunning view that it has become a popular spot for to-be-married couple to do their wedding photo shoot. With soft beige sand and the bluest water your eyes will ever laid on and big rocks lining the shore whilst the golden sun is setting on the horizon, this beach will cast a spell on you that will make  you want to come back here really soon!

How to get there:
Head towards the AYANA Resort & Spa and turn right onto the winding road just before the entrance to the resort. Don’t worry about missing theturn – it’s highly unlikely, as it’s the only turn there.
Some tips:
You will have to make your way down a steep and rocky path to get to the beach and the rocks are pretty sharp, so make sure you go down the path slowly. Visit during low tide so you can enjoy the beach without fear of getting dragged into the sea by the waves.


Once a well-hidden beach behind a limestone hill in the Kutuh area, Pandawa Beach is becoming increasingly popular. This is due in part to a development that has cut through the limestone, but mostly because visitors can’t get enough of the long stretch of soft white sand and the calm water that can be found there.The beach still manages to retain its charm despite the growing crowd, and it will blow your mind with the grand view of its sparkling azure waters from the very moment you travel down the hill towards it. If you want to enjoy the beach with next to no crowd, we recommend visiting during weekdays. If you are there during the low tide, you’ll get to see the local seaweed farmers at work harvesting. You might even consider renting a kayak to enjoy Pandawa’s calm water.

How to get there:
Make your way as if you’re going to Pandawa Beach except go straight at the second yellow sign instead of turning right to Pandawa. Follow the “Pura Gunung Payung” sign and travel up the road until the fork in the road, and then go right. Keep on that road until you find the gate to the temple, then turn right. You’ll see a small dirt road leading up to a shady area where cars and scooters are parked. Park your vehicle and at the edge of the parking area you’ll see steps going down to the beach.


This gorgeous and secluded beach is actually a close neighbor of Pandawa Beach. Located right below the Gunung Payung Temple, you’ll need to go down exactly 292 steps to access the super soft white sand. Making your way down the steep cliff covered with greenery is totally worth the pain, as it will give you one of the most beautiful sights you’ll see on this paradise island (as well as one heck of a cardio workout!). Gunung Payung Beach is actually small compared to first two beaches we mentioned, but you’ll probably agree that it is the best one. The secluded location is perfect for total relaxation, and unlike most beaches in Bali, this place has only one hut selling cold drinks. Their stock is fairly limited so we definitely recommend bringing your own beverages and snacks. Do remember to collect your rubbish and throw it in a bin (and not in some dark corner in the parking lot!).Some tips: The water here is really good for surfing and calm enough to swim in as well, but there are no lifeguards so make sure you keep a close eye on your little ones. Also, when you are walking up the steps to exit the beach, try climbing the steps in a zig-zag fashion to reduce exhaustion

How to get there:
Make your way up to the Bukit area via Jalan Uluwatu.
Follow the road until the Nirmala Supermarket intersection, then turn left towards Jalan Pura Batu Pageh. Go straight until you see the yellow “Pandawa Beach” sign. Turn left and follow the road until you see another sign. Turn right and go down the small and winding road until you see the Nusa Dua Retreat Boutique Villa Resort & Spa on your left. Keep going until you reach a big intersection, then soon you will see a huge banner that says “Pandawa Beach.” Have some money ready to pay the parking attendant who charges per vehicle and per person to enter the beach

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