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Bali Travel Guide

If you want some really in-depth information about Bali, head on over to our dedicated Bali Travel Guide.

With a proud Hindu culture, cheap prices, great tourist infrastructure, thousands of bizarre temples, and amazing beaches and food, this little island has a little bit of everything – and then some. Bali is its own Garden of Eden, with thousands of tourists coming to enjoy her beauty and warmth.

Bali’s beauty is captivating and many a traveler has come away from the island describing the experience as being almost mystical. There are lush forests, fertile rice paddy fields, volcanoes that peak through the clouds and beaches that give way to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

While the island is a paradise, it is not without its hassles. The tourist scene can be overwhelming. There is a never ending stream of backpackers looking for good times and good waves and it is exceedingly easy to get caught up in it all. If you spend all of your time amongst foreign travelers you will only get a glimpse of what makes the island so special.

What to do

With so much natural beauty, it is little wonder that Bali is a favorite among adventure travelers. Whether you want to go overland by foot, take a stroll through the villages, or pedal your way on a bike around the island.

Surfing and partying are two things that keep the town of Kuta high on most people’s lists, but whatever you do, don’t miss the rest of the island. There are excellent beaches in many other areas, and many craft villages and volcano views throughout the interior. Try to get to Ubud, which is the art center of the island and also easy to reach from the airport and Kuta in the south.

Where to stay

There are hundreds of resorts and hotels in Bali, and many of them are very basic and amazingly cheap. Those places tend not to be available online, but you will find good places and good values in the country no matter how you book. There aren’t many actual hostels in Bali, but many places are listed there anyway, particularly on the budget end.

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