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Nyepi, Balinese “Day of Silence” – 21st March 2015

nyepi day 2015

Nyepi Day is the feast for Hindus who have always celebrated annually ( Saka New Year ) . Nyepi Day in 2015 falls on 21 March , it fell on the count day Tilem Kesanga ( IX ) which is believed to be the day of purification gods central Amrita ocean water that carries the essence of life . For the Hindus to worship sacred to them .

Nyepi is actually a celebration of the Hindu New Year calendars or calendar Çaka , which began in 78 AD . Unlike the new year celebration AD , Saka New Year in Bali begins with solitude . No activity as usual . All activities are eliminated , including public services , such as the International Airport was closed , but not to the hospital . The main purpose ” Nyepi ” is pleading before God Almighty , to purify Bhuana Alit ( human nature or Microcosmos ) and Bhuana General or macrocosmos ( the universe ) . Before Nyepi , there are a series of ceremonies that do Hindus , particularly in the area of Bali .

Melasti , Tawur ( Pecaruan )

Three or two days before Nyepi , Hindus perform purification by Melasti ceremony also called Melis / Mekiyis . On that day , all means of worship in the temple ( sacred place ) marched to the beach or lake , because the sea or lake is the source of holy water ( Tirta Amrita ) and can purify all leteh ( gross ) in man and nature .


Pengerupukan Day

One day before Nyepi, Pengerupukan Day, there will be a nearest Ogoh-Ogoh parade performed by our neighboring Nagi villagers in the evening. Ogoh-Ogoh is the manifestation of a person, an object or anything that disturbs human lives. This parade is an exorcism ceremony at the main village crossroad, the meeting place of the demons. Beforehand, there will be a Perang Api (fire war) to start the parade with.


Nyepi Day

On this day the atmosphere as dead . No flurry of activity as usual . On this day Hindus perform ” Catur Brata ” Penyepian comprising observe geni ( no flaming or not using and or turn on the fire ) , observe the work ( not working ) , observe lelungan ( not traveling ) , and observe lelanguan ( not listening entertainment ) . As well as those who were also able to perform penance , asceticism, yoga , and semadhi .


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