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Bali Culture & Art

Barong Dance

Barong is probably the most well known dance. It is also another story telling dance, narrating the fight between good and evil. This dance is the classic example of Balinese way of acting out mythology, resulting in myth and history being blended into one reality. The barong is a strange creature, half shaggy dog, half lion, propelled by two men …

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Joged – Balinese Fun Dance

Balinese dance usually identifies sacred characters because most dances are performed in connection with religious rituals. However, there are also many secular types of dance that are done purely for entertainment and fun and there are others that are performed with the tourists in mind. One of the most irreverent of Balinese dances is joged, which is also known as …

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Banjar Balinese Community

Banjar” is a social unit based on territory unity. This social unity is strengthened by custom unity and sacred religious ceremonies. In the mountain range area, the characteristic of banjar membership is limited only to those who were born in the banjar territory. Whereas in the plain area the banjar membership is open to the public and not limited only …

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Chinese Coins in Balinese Life

Called Pis Bolong in Balinese and uang kepeng in Bahasa Indonesia, these living relics render a ceremony celebration incomplete without their presence. Ancient Chinese coins with square holes in the center and Chinese characters on the sides are all over in Bali. Ancient Chinese coins with square holes in the center and Chinese characters on the sides are all over …

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Balinese Rain Stopper

Balinese Rain stopper

Unexpected rainfall is one of the oldest traditions in Balinese cultural practices, which can also be found in most societies in Java. This tradition is still practiced by the Balinese, because of its significance and function, not only within traditional, but also within a modern context, such as tourism activities. These beliefs and practices are not aimed against the will …

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