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Sector Bar & Restaurant

sector bar restaurant

Sector Bar & Restaurant Balibeach Golf Course is located in Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel area within tourism objects of Sanur (South Denpasar).  The location is very reachable from the airport and harbor.

Built along with the touch of Balinese traditional way and nuance of minimalist design. The concept is to blend recreation, wedding, party, seminar, product launching, business and challenge in town. The golf course and Sector Bar & Restaurant offer an attractive package for the leisure and business needs not only for local market but as well as foreigners.


Sector Bar & Restaurant is built for family, executives and people who want quality of live. After remodeling of the restaurant and the menu, we will be in opposition to offer tasty western food along with Asian food which will be hard to beat.  Also offer will be exceptional value from money. We also available for; – Family dining – Wedding Party – Birthday Party – Gathering – Meeting


OPERATING HOUR’S                    : Weekdays 06.00 am – 11.00 pm,
Weekend (Saturday) 06.00 – 01.00 am
FOOD RANGE PRICE                    : Rp. 20 K++ – Rp. 100K++
STYLE FOOD                               : Western Asian & Traditional Food
RECOMMENDED DISH + PRICE   : Deep Fried Duck, Oxtail soup, BBQ beef ribs, Stuffed Baby
Squid onion chili tapenade sauce, Dragon fruit soup
RECOMMENDED COCKTAIL        : Strawberry Margarita, Dragon Fruit Juice, Dragon fruit cocktail
ENTERTAINMENT                       : Latin Salsa, Chill out
DECORATION                             : Modern Minimalist


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