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Off-road Biking Adventure in Bali

What better way to explore the cooler climes of this tropical island than from your favourite saddle! Day trips, weekends or 2 week tours are all on the agenda. The tours include full vehicular back up where possible and are aimed at anybody with off road mountain bikeexperience. The void between heading into the Balinese hills on your own bike, never to be seen again, and following a train of day-trippers freewheel downhill to the next cold towel stop has recently been filled. Over the past four years a small mountain biking outfit, Bali Trail Blazers, has been developing trails across the island’s mountainous heart, aimed at the more serious off-road biker who doesn’t mind the odd calf-swelling ascent or two.

With its extensive network of farmers’ tracks and motorbike paths weaving up through the island’s volcanic peaks, Bali is excellent mountain bike terrain. Away from the humid heat of the lowlands, the air is fresher and cooler allowing for a furious climb or two up a grassy knoll without the impending cardiac arrest.

The opportunity to create some bone-charring trails across Bali was recognised by British geologist Clare Price in 2005. While spending four years working in the oil business in Jakarta, Price was introduced to the wonders of volcano biking on weekends at the nearby Sentul Selatan in the mountains of West Java.  Designed to be flexible to riders’ requirements but also offering a choice of established rides, ranging from day-trips to 14-day safaris, Bali Trail Blazers is aimed mainly at small groups, with an eight rider maximum on most trails. The itineraries cater to different skill and difficulty levels depending on the riders’ pre-tour brief. The company offers ten hard-tail 27-speed bikes but bikers are welcome to bring their own if they feel more comfortable on their own saddle.  More information about Bali Trailblazers

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